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The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is known for its famous destinations and unique experiences for millions of tourists who visit this place every year. Adventure and wildlife enthusiasts will absolutely love visiting the famous snake museum, also called as Siam Serpentarium which provides immersive experiences with over 70 amazing species of snakes. The first snake museum in Asia, Siam Serpentarium, will make visitors fall in love with these mysterious creatures and give them a chance to truly know about their lives and habitats.

One of the best places to go with your family, both adults and kids can get a chance to learn about the nature of snakes and learn some cool facts about their birth, reproduction, and hunt. There is no best time to visit Siam Serpentarium, you can visit any time of the year and get a chance to look at the mighty anaconda, colorful Ball Python, and the Golden spitting Cobra. You can also experience a one-of-a-kind snake-themed restaurant once you are done with your tour. This snake cafe has reptiles locked in a transparent glass box on display where visitors can get close and take some amazing pictures of them. There are various Siam Serpentarium zones such as the Siam Serpentarium where visitors can look at the reptiles in a rainforest-like environment. You can also visit the souvenir and gift shop where you can find some impressive souvenirs in the shape of a snake. Visitors can also shop for antique jewelry, spa products, apparel, and also packaged food.

Know Before You Visit Siam Serpentarium

Siam Serpentarium

Location: Luang Phaeng Rd, Thap Yao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok

Timings: Siam serpentarium timings are 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday and also open on national holidays.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the siam serpentarium is during the early hours in the morning when you can enjoy the museum in peace with no crowd and enjoy reptiles being more interactive.

How To Reach: After booking Siam Serpentarium tickets, then below are few ways you can reach the destination:

Car or Cab: One of the most convenient ways to reach Siam Serpentarium is through a rental cab or a car. Visitors can drive directly through the road with the help of navigation without any hassle.

Train: Visitors can directly take a rail from the airport to reach Lat Krabang Station. Once you have reached your station, you can take exit 2 to reach the Siam Serpentarium museum.

Siam Serpentarium Highlights

The Siam Serpentarium has various zones such as the Naka theatre where visitors can enjoy an audiovisual performance that represents the lifestyles of the snakes, visitors can also visit the snake farm which breeds some of the most poisonous snakes, and get a chance to learn the process of venom extractions.

Siam Serpentarium
Snake Museum

This amazing museum will give visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with these intense and mysterious animals. If you are a wildlife lover, this is a haven where both adults and children can learn so much more about these creatures like their lifecycle, growth, and reproduction in a fun way. Visitors can get a chance to go through a specially designed rainforest-like habitat and look at the serpents like the anaconda, tiny poisonous snakes, and 70 other snake species. The visitors can enjoy the interactive experiences with digital displays where they can learn more.

Siam Serpentarium
Snake Farm

The Snake farm has all of these amazing reptiles in their natural habitat where visitors can look and learn about their importance and contribution to biodiversity. The reptiles at the snake farms are provided with grounds that are also a part of the Thai red cross institute. You can learn more about them from the staff who will teach you about the fascinating and tedious process of venom extractions in English and Thai. The Snake farm is known to have an excellent record in breeding these reptiles and taking care of them. Visitors can also look at many poisonous snakes which are open to the public for an interactive and educative tour.

Siam Serpentarium
Naka Theater

Once you have amazed yourself with some cool and informative knowledge about the reptiles, head over to the Naka theater to enjoy the excellent audiovisual performance. This performance will take the visitors through an educative and video graphic journey that represents the lifestyles of the snakes. You can understand their habitat, reproduction, lifestyle, and also their hunt and breed. This huge auditorium has a seating capacity of 400 people and is a must-visit with your complete family. This is also a wonderful opportunity for families who have kids. They can gain a lot of knowledge about these creatures in a fun way.

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What is the minimum age required to book Siam Serpentarium Tickets?

    Children under 90cm tall do not need to take tickets to enjoy the Siam Serpentarium.

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